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Using Online Web Calendars

 There are many options for web based calendars.  Some are tailored for personal use like Outlook, but most are designed for use by multiple people.  They can be used to highlight or schedule meetings, events, room reservations, and equipment reservations .  Many are able to generate reminders to participants, create alternate views, categorize the events, and many other customizations.

Although many of the offerings are hosted by the developers and are a "use for fee" structure, there are many web based calendars that can be easily installed within your own website.  Some of these may already be available to you with automatic installation from your hosting service.

Here is a list of some of the more popular calendar applications and sites:  is based upon the iCal 4.0 product.  A basic one calendar, no email setup will run $95/yr.  Add email options for $100./yr  You can licence iCal 4.0 and install it yourself at  $30/yr for the first year, and $20/yr for each additional. Offers a one time purchase price $75, and install/host it yourself. Offers a one time purchase for single installation at $50, install/host it yourself Offers a free, simple calendar, you install/host

WebCalendar Offers a free, full featured calendar, you install/host (demo site installation  login:admin password:demodemo)

There are many free calendar applications, although the above application appears to be very full featured and customizable.