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Job Search Basics and helpful links

The following is a brief list of many of the resources and tools I have used over the course of becoming familiar with being "In Transition".  I wish someone had pointed me in this direction when I first started.  There are many more resources that are available and most important of all is finding a support network, friends or colleagues that you can talk to about the next steps, not just complaining about your situation, but what works and what doesn't work.

So, go out there and Sell Yourself, enjoy this role, and hope you get fired from it soon...


  1. Sign up/Create accounts and post your resume and profile on:
      • Post as full a profile as you feel comfortable
      • Post a picture
      • Collect as many connections as you can locate
      • Post some recommendations of other people and see if you can get some in return
      • Connect to any groups that appear to be associated with your skill sets
      • Search the job board and group job postings in LinkedIn
      • Search for your profile and claim it if it is already there
      • The key to this site is that Recruiters will only believe the info if you have posted your picture to it. It is a semaphore indicating the data is live, and likely real
  2. Use an aggregator to find job postings rather than each individual job board
    • such as You will need to use an RSS feed to view the updates each day
    • or also provides an aggregation of many different services
  3. Remember to review the Job postings inside LinkedIn.
    • Many of these postings are only on LinkedIn and can represent a narrower field of respondents
  4. Join any associations that might lend credibility to your resume
    • Eg: I joined the IEEE and a couple of their sub groups.
    • Often specific organizations will have a job posting area
  5. Take advantage of the outplacement services you may have available to you
    • Attend their Workshops
    • Use their on-line tools that exist
    • Use any one-on-one time to have your resume reviewed, practice your interview questions
    • Review their materials on job search and interviewing
    • Perform their exercises and create the materials for interviewing and resumes
      • Job Skills and Industry Matrix
      • Develop a Series of CAR (Context, Action, Results) Stories to be used in interviews
      • Develop a revised base resume
      • Develop Answers to common interview questions
  6. Use the website resources to do a personal evaluation of your entrepreneurial skills if you are considering starting a business
    • you can also use BDC consultants to assist or
    • find Happen members that would be willing to assist you with Business ideas
  7. Write and refine your personal Bio / Infomercial and practice it until it feels natural
  8. Develop and Practice your experience stories that you may refer to in interviews
  9. Continue to do extensive reading and research into Companies and Job position requirements
  10. Choose your list of target companies you would like to work for
    • Do a targeted marketing letter to each of them
    • follow up with phone calls
  11. Develop business cards for use in networking (such as
    • These can be simple or artistic, $45 will get you 250 cards within 3-4 business days.
  12. Practice your interview answers until they feel natural
    • Be prepared for the compensation question, be honest, talk the numbers, base, bonus, car, phone, benefits, whatever, then get on to the: however compensation is more than just the numbers and I am very interested in the position and what future opportunities… blah blah
  13. Use your network of people to help determine who to contact inside specific companies
    • One approach to learn about a company is to call up old employees based upon their posted resumes:
      • Goodmorning Joe, I was reading your resume online and had some questions if you have a few minutes… (Almost anyone will at least listen to you, you had their attention at "I read your profile/resume online")
      • I read you were working at ABC in the XYZ department. I am looking to apply there and was hoping you could give me some insight...
  14. Consider purchasing a domain name to create a more personalized email address
  15. Ensure you enroll in the EI benefits program
    • There is a two week initial period
    • You will need an original of your “Record of Employment” (must be provided by your employer upon termination)
    • You will have to visit your local EI office to provide your Record of Employment to complete your on-line application
    • You will then need to file your report online every two weeks

Feel free to contact me for any additional expansion on the about bullet items.