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Job Search Basics and helpful links

The following is a brief list of many of the resources and tools I have used over the course of becoming familiar with being "In Transition".  I wish someone had pointed me in this direction when I first started.  There are many more resources that are available and most important of all is finding a support network, friends or colleagues that you can talk to about the next steps, not just complaining about your situation, but what works and what doesn't work.

So, go out there and Sell Yourself, enjoy this role, and hope you get fired from it soon...

Guerrilla Job Search Tactics or not!

David Perry - Guerrilla Job Search

I attended David Perry's workshop on Guerrilla Job Search Secrets.  Although some of it comes off as a Road show to "sell my stuff", David presents some very interesting tactics for getting noticed, and making contact with that employer of choice.