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You can see Space in an Open Cloud

space_in_cloud_sml.jpgNASA has teamed up with Rackspace to announce a new project called OpenStack with the goal of allowing any organization to create and offer cloud computing capabilities using Open Source Software running on standard hardware.  Ryan Paul's recent blog on the state of this development is a great place to catch up on where NASA may be heading with this.  With the number of big names involved in the OpenStack project, it's hard to see this not taking off.  Check out this great 5-minute overview of OpenStack, or you can check out the code available on LaunchPad.

Software Development for TNG Genealogy Software

Genealogy Research and Publishing

 Genealogy has been a fascination of mine for 25 years.  The last few years have seen an explosion of services providing on-line access to digitized and transcribed records of all sorts.  This includes census records, birth, marriage, and death records, immigration, and ship passenger lists.  There are many great sites that provide free access to these records, primarily from the efforts of volunteers, and there are many great services with a "fee per view" structure.