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Rollerblading Equipment and Info

I see all kinds of equipment and gear, or lack of gear being worn while rollerblading.  Over the years my most significant falls have been twice when I was standing almost still, on a slope, and while distracted.  I am quite sure that on either of those occasions, had I not been wearing a helmet, I would no longer be rollerblading.

My normal gear consists of recreational skates:

Innovate to accelerate!

Roller blading for exercise leaves me with about 95 minutes to think of nothing but the asphalt in front of me every couple of days. As I depart on my routine, I turn on the same music tracks every time I go out, which means that I start to anticipate the bumps and turns synchronized to the music. My stride falls into the familiar rhythm with the music and as the summer progresses, what seemed to be a challenge on the first week out, now feels comfortable.


Waterfront Path 3.jpgRollerblading has been both a favourite form of exercise and a great way to clear my head.  I started blading sometime in '96 and it seems I have continued to slowly increase my distance and frequency of my excursions.