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Obstacles are things you see
when you take you eyes off the goal.

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Guerrilla Job Search Tactics or not!

David Perry - Guerrilla Job Search

I attended David Perry's workshop on Guerrilla Job Search Secrets.  Although some of it comes off as a Road show to "sell my stuff", David presents some very interesting tactics for getting noticed, and making contact with that employer of choice.


Googlebot and Site Indexing

I administer a number of websites, but with genealogy research being an interest that I have invested a significant number of hours in, I place value in publishing my research so that others might connect with it.  

Ontario - Grand Masters Provincial Curling - Mar 2010

One of my many passions is Curling and the opportunity to combine that with another hobby couldn't be passed up.  I coded up a couple PHP web pages and some MySQL to help out Dad display and administer the 2010 Provincial Grand Masters playdown standings during the event on-line.