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CMMs applied to Service Organizations?

CMMI_for_Services_sml.jpgCapability Maturity Models (CMMs) have been around for a while and although originally only targeted at formal evaluation methods of an organization's ability to execute software development projects, the models are routinely used as a basis to guide organizations in the development of processes, measurements, and improvements.

SEI has extended their model into several other business areas with their CMMI process improvement approach for Development, Acquisition, and Service.

CMMI for Service (CMMI-SVC) is a process improvement framework for service organizations introduced one year ago. I attended their CMMI-SVC Webinar in which Eileen Forrester provided an update on their progress. Today marks the one year anniversary of their introduction of CMMI-SVC and it appears to be gaining a foothold in some Service organizations. If you are involved in a service based organization, the adoption of their model and practices should produce significant and measureable benefits.


If like me, you are new to the idea of CMM as it is applied to a Service organization, watch SEI's original video on the launch of CMMI-SVC from Feb 2009, then have a look at the recent Webinar Slides on their progress to date. Yesterday's webinar video should be available some time next week.

You can apply the SEI best practices at all sizes of service organization starting in incremental steps picking the areas of the model that can help you the most.