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Pair Programming - so that's what we were doing?

stuart-wray-small.jpgI was catching up on some January articles in Computing Now and came across a "new" technique called "Pair Programming". Stuart Wray points out that while "some developers are enthusiastic about it, almost evangelical; others are dubious, even hostile".

As I read through the article, it brought back many great memories of programming over the years in many different languages, environments, and with many different colleagues. Pair Programming (now that I know what we were often doing) was both effective and personally rewarding. Like many activities, the act of closely engaging in a creative development environment with talented colleagues is like being rewarded with glimpses into someone else's inner thought process. You're either going to like what you see, or you'll learn to move on quickly.


The concept of Pair programming is not so new, but a new discussion on how it works is quite interesting. Stuart Wray’s article on "How Pair Programming Really Works" describes 4 mechanisms that he attributes to it's success; Pair Programming Chat, Pair Programmers notice more detail, Fighting poor practices, and Sharing & Judging Expertise .

If you've engaged in this type of programming, or would like some insight to the process, Stuart’s article is a great discussion starter.