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How to have more fun in Life...

 Ok, so I wasn't sure about attending this particular lecture at HAPPEN, but the title sounded intriguing.   Who doesn't want to have more fun in their Life?  Hard not to take a few minutes and listen!

Daniel Rutley was not Daniel-Rutley175.gifonly engaging to listen to, he had some very good ideas on how to refocus my thinking.  He has a "how to" approach rather than a "what to do".   If you've ever been frustrated by someone repeating the popular phrase, "just do it", and not suggesting how, then you'll enjoy Daniel's refreshing recipe based approach to how to feel great about yourself and make those next steps with confidence.


Daniel's book "Escaping Emotional Entrapment" looks like a series of engaging discussions, each followed by a recipe on how to implement the ideas he presents.   Yes, I bought another book, and I'll let you know what I think of it after a couple weeks.  He suggests reading this one, a piece at a time, and allowing the ideas and recipes to simmer a little between readings.


I'll post a follow up on this one later.