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Guerrilla Job Search Tactics or not!

David Perry - Guerrilla Job Search

I attended David Perry's workshop on Guerrilla Job Search Secrets.  Although some of it comes off as a Road show to "sell my stuff", David presents some very interesting tactics for getting noticed, and making contact with that employer of choice.


  I rushed home and immediately executed his 7 step assignment the same day, and have begun to implement some of the suggestions.  If nothing else, David's tactics generated lots of discussion at my networking meetings with other executive types.  Some agreed, some disagreed, but there were lots of different ideas to take away.  The media was there of course, and there was some commentary on the event.

All in all, I think it was money well spent. If you have the opportunity to meet David, listen to him, or read his book, I think you'll agree he is definitely motivational, has some great ideas and instruction, and well worth the listen.