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Googlebot and Site Indexing

I administer a number of websites, but with genealogy research being an interest that I have invested a significant number of hours in, I place value in publishing my research so that others might connect with it.  

This means that I spend time ensuring my genealogy website is as visible as possible through affiliated websites, the TNG Gendex Project, and all those friendly robot indexers.  If you administer a dynamic web site and want to add one more tool to your kit, consider creating a sitemap to help guide GoogleBot's indexing of your site.

Along with a number of colleagues that manage genealogy sites, I have been using this tool for a couple of years. Although the results seem to be sporadic at times, it provides one more tool to help ensure your site is indexed.  If you have been using it since Google began with their beta 0.84 specification, you should update your map to the sitemap 0.9 spec.

Check out Google's WebMaster Tools,  you will need a google account setup if you don't already have one.