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Waterfront Path 3.jpgRollerblading has been both a favourite form of exercise and a great way to clear my head.  I started blading sometime in '96 and it seems I have continued to slowly increase my distance and frequency of my excursions.  Although one would probably consider roller blading a reasonably safe activity, I can vouch for the fact that my record has been about one significant fall about every year and a half despite the fact that I consider myself reasonably skilled at blading (if perhaps a little aggressive).  That includes losing significant patches of skin to the pavement, and an injured rotator-cuff when attempting to stop quickly to avoid an indecisive motorist.  Fortunately I have always worn full gear and a helmet or those falls would have been significantly more painful and long lasting.

Living in Burlington Ontario has afforded me many great places that are open for rollerblading some distances and there are many Lake Ontario waterfront areas that maintain long sections of smooth pavement that you can share with the pedestrians and cyclists.

Waterfront Path 1.jpgAlthough I have bladed on many surfaces, including paths, sidewalks, roads, and large parking lots, I gave up the roadways a couple of years ago when even my 6:30am outings were becoming challenging with motorists at intersections.  I almost exclusively now rollerblade on the longer, wider, maintained pedestrian paths.  My favourite for the last couple of years has been the Watefront Trail that stretches from Burlington Beachway Park, along the Hamilton Beach Trail to Stoney Creek.  Check out the maps here.  If you want to avoid the lift bridge, you can still blade almost 8.4km in one direction from the lift bridge to Grays Road.  Skate that 4 times from end to end, starting about 6:30am and you may pass me a few times during the nice weather on a weekend, or later in the evening during the week.

Waterfront Path 2.jpgThe pictures here are this Waterfront trail as I was blading one morning this summer. The most enjoyable aspect of this trail is the very early morning outings when I can watch the sunrise over the lake out across the beach while I blade to the sound of favourite music.