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The Alternative Board - Vineland-Milton-Cambridge

An international membership organization bringing together owners of privately held businesses to overcome challenges and seize new opportunities through a combination of peer advisory meetings and executive coaching. I help business owners achieve their personal vision through a focus on sound strategic business leadership principles.
 Managing Partner, 2014-present

  •  Coaching business owners and leaders in a wide range of industries to fulfill their personal visions through the successful development and growth of their businesses or organizations.
  • Using behavioural and motivational assessments to foster an increased emotional intelligence and situational awareness by my members.
  • Promoting the use of industry specific KPIs within each member’s business, along with operational gap analysis tools and a focus on a Strategic Business Leadership model to develop goals and tactics to achieve each member’s unique personal and company vision.
  • Facilitating structured peer advisory boards, presenting educational topics and discussions, while promoting a safe, open, trusted advisor environment for my members.
  • Managing and performing all tasks required in a small business including; marketing, business development, operations, & finance.