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Gen Y Leaders and a small World.

I am continually reminded at how small this world is becoming and yesterday was yet another example. Small World

Sunday I blogged a couple thoughts on my concerns on Gen Y and the potential crisis in organizations that do not know how to lead and inspire Gen Y employees and how differently they view technology.  Tuesday I am on a plane from Indianapolis to Washington and who sits down next to me?  Aaron, a bright, tech savvy, Gen Y marketing guy, and of course I can't help but dig into the conversation.


I directed the conversation to how I think different generations view technology and get his opinion on how many of his generation (Gen Y) see it differently from mine and obviously from the generation ahead of me. Aaron expands on the discussion to note how the next generation child_ipod.jpg(his daughter is 4) already knows how to navigate his ipod to find her games, and already appears to be web aware.  I'm thinking it's probably a good thing that my generation isn't likely going to have to figure out how to integrate what that kind of thinking will become to our organizations!

We talked about a bunch of different social media (SM) issues, and he pointed me at a couple cool SM apps that are becoming popular such as foursquare_logo.png and we talked about some of the cool features on his Ipod Touch.

Then the conversation started to get interesting. We moved around to Marketing and SM's role, a topic I happen to have a strong interest in discussing presently and a subject in which this particular Gen Y happens to be an expert. I was impressed with his passion for the subject, his depth of knowledge, and his ability to clearly state his opinions. BlogBlocks.jpgAaron's blog includes some great commentary on Marketing and Social Media and captures more of the subject than our conversation touched on. If you are interested in this subject, check him out. He also recommended some reading "The Zen of Social Media Marketing" by Shama Kabani. I just located a store that has it, so I'll be checking that one out. I also find out he is the current president of the Indianapolis chapter of the IABC. So, not only is he an expert in the subject, he is committed to giving back to his community and peers. A really interesting, knowledgable, and open communicator. Very glad to have met him!

theAaronCraig.jpgIf you are looking for a bright talented Marketing Guy with a deep Social Media background, you might want to look Aaron Craig up, you can track him down through his linkedIn profile or his blog

And one final "small world" connection. Aaron is presently working for the Company that purchased a local robotics company that I happened to work with during their initial startup, (I think I purchased one of their first robots, serial #11, many moons ago). I have been watching this robotics company for years since I knew the initial entrepreneurs from my University days.

The virtual size of this world continues to amaze me!