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Formulaic or Free Form Development?

Design Process 1.jpg As software and applications developers and Managers of the same, I think many of us struggle with the Pros and Cons of the varied development processes available to us.   There are many methodologies available and a simple click over to Wikipedia  will generate a cascade of more pages than you have time to read.

If you have time for a quick straight forward discussion of two points of view, have a read through Matt Ward's discussion "On the Concept of Process" published by DESIGNM.AG.  Matt has written a short discussion that I am sure echoes the experience of many developers and certainly that of myself and many of my colleagues.  

Design Process 2.jpgReading his commentary immediately brought back discussions from over the years with fellow developers and many internal ponderings that I considered on my own.   While I think many points of view will polarize on one side or the other, I believe there are methods that can combine aspects of both processes.

 design-process-3sml.jpgIn my experience the method of choice has evolved with the technology as we try to match the development and design considerations with the overall customer solution experience.  If there was a one size fits all method that inspired creativity in design while accurately predicting the final delivery time, I think we would all be developing with the same tools and methods.