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Modern Manufacturing Methods - In Plain English

6Sigma logo_sml.jpgI recently attended a Lean 6 Sigma course with a number of friends which I found extremely useful.  As I continued to read and study the alternate strategies I found myself falling ever deeper into the great knowledge web, link by link by link...


If your head is spinning from the 6 Sigma, Lean, JIT, TPM, QRM, JIS and other acronyms, you might enjoy some plain English insight as provided by Stephen Jannise (ERP Market Manager, Software Advice).  Stephen has put together a great overview of the terms and concepts that help put all that reading and searching into a nice framework. Be sure to read the full article: A Plain English Guide to Modern Manufacturing Methods."

You might want to bookmark Stephen's page, or stash a copy of it in that reference folder you keep on your desktop.

If you have a few minutes to catch up on those "other" strategy terms (the ones you are not using), this would be the page to read before hunting them down with a web search.