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Is your head out of the Cloud?

Google-Dave_Girouard.jpgAre you on-board with "the single biggest change to have happened recently in information technology"?  Dave Girouard, president of Google's enterprise unit describes his insights to Google's plans to leverage innovation in the Cloud. Check out his interview here.  If you are not already interested in, or following this technology, you might be surprised to find that many companies are embracing it and innovating with it to success.  There are a couple of big players creating the Cloud platforms that may become the core of our future computing.

Windows Azure Platform-sml.jpgThere are many great examples of Cloud innovation, and GCommerce's introduction of their Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC) is a recent one.  The marketwire report with CEO Steven Smith provides insight  to their use of Microsoft's Azure platform.  If you want a quick overview of Microsoft's Windows Azure platform, their whitepapers are a good start.

As Dave Girouard points out, "many countries are skipping client server and moving to cloud computing", akin to the jump directly to cell phone technology in many developing countries instead of land lines.

If you have been sitting on the fence on this technology, now's not the time to be getting your head out of the Cloud.