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Lack of Innovation = Poor Productivity

Innovation_Wordle.jpgJohn Armstrong reported his impression today on Canada's lack of innovation.

After highlighting Canada's drop in productivity compared to the US, and the difference between innovation and invention, he describes four imperatives that he feels business must do if they want to drive innovation:

  1. Develop strategies and approaches to serve your “hardest” customers.
  2. Connect with universities, research centres and entrepreneurs focused on your industry.
  3. Drive an innovation mindset into all levels of the organization.
  4. Make innovation a board-level priority and an explicit part of management’s scorecard.


Innovate to accelerate!

Roller blading for exercise leaves me with about 95 minutes to think of nothing but the asphalt in front of me every couple of days. As I depart on my routine, I turn on the same music tracks every time I go out, which means that I start to anticipate the bumps and turns synchronized to the music. My stride falls into the familiar rhythm with the music and as the summer progresses, what seemed to be a challenge on the first week out, now feels comfortable.

CMMs applied to Service Organizations?

CMMI_for_Services_sml.jpgCapability Maturity Models (CMMs) have been around for a while and although originally only targeted at formal evaluation methods of an organization's ability to execute software development projects, the models are routinely used as a basis to guide organizations in the development of processes, measuremen

Pair Programming - so that's what we were doing?

stuart-wray-small.jpgI was catching up on some January articles in Computing Now and came across a "new" technique called "Pair Programming".