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Genealogy Research and Publishing

 Genealogy has been a fascination of mine for 25 years.  The last few years have seen an explosion of services providing on-line access to digitized and transcribed records of all sorts.  This includes census records, birth, marriage, and death records, immigration, and ship passenger lists.  There are many great sites that provide free access to these records, primarily from the efforts of volunteers, and there are many great services with a "fee per view" structure.

My Genealogy Site is found at and is the published work of a large portion of my research.  Although I have published many images and records, the vast majority of my records, articles, documents, and photos have yet to be published in a public forum.

When I hear someone say, "Oh ya, I did my genealogy tree years ago." I am amazed that they were able to complete the effort.  My research seems to be never ending.  There is always one more branch to explore just a little bit further.

If you are interested in starting your family tree, or have been doing so, but are interested in a few more links to free resources, checkout my Genealogy links page.

If you have been collecting your data in a desktop genealogy program and are looking to publish on a website, you can not go wrong with a product like Darrin Lythgoes' The Next Generation of Genealogy SiteBuilding.  Darrin has a large well established community of users, developers, and researchers.  His product source is open to all product owners and continues to be actively supported by several developers, myself included.

If you own this product and have not yet been introduced to the many add-on features that have been developed or the on-line community documentation, you should check out the TNG Wiki, and Forum.