Volunteer Experience

Appleby United Church

Search Committee - Music Director - 2010 - completed

Board Chair 2011-2012

Board Member 2007-present

RENO50 - Planning Committee, 2007-2009

Technology Committee Member 2005 - present

Visioning Committee - 2012-2013 completed

Technology Committee Chair 2005-2011

Global Outreach Committee 2004-present

Joint Needs Assessment Committee 2004-2005

Worship Committee 2003-2011

Senior Choir Member 1990-2005, 2009-2010

Burlington Curling Club

BCC Board Member 2007-2009

BCC Men's Section - Games Captain 2004-2005

Men's Section Committee 2003-2011

Member 1991-present

Genealogy Research & Mentoring

Halton Presbytery - United Church of Canada

SMDC - Loving God, Loving Neighbourhood Support 2017

·       Congregational Development – Halton Presbytery.  Worked with the leadership of 10 congregation to strengthen their understanding of a missional model of development through facilitation of strategic planning, community round tables, workshops, Environics analysis, and congregational discussions.


SMDC - Strategic Mission Development Committee - Communications - 2010-2012

Ministry in Motion - Conference Website Development and Management - 2011,2012

International Mission

2004 Guatemala - Mission Trip


The 2004 Mission trip to the Meridan Mountains of Guatemala included many development aspects.  One of these was the construction of a building and installation of a Corn Grinder for general use by the community.  Brian researched and assisted with the coordination of this particular development.  This goal was accomplished through the coordination of local planning, materials, and labour.  Most of the labour was supplied by volunteers from the local community.  Brian drafted a policy for it's equitable use, maintenance, and recommended fee structure which was translated, presented, discussed, and agreed to by local village leaders.

A photo gallery of the location and initial work is provided.

2005 Ecuador - Mission Trip

2006 Nicaragua - Bluefields

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