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Director / General manager / technology leader

- Creating new Realities with Clarity and Focus - 

A dynamic Engineering, Management, and Business ownership career continues to refine a diverse set of skills in technology, finance, personnel, coaching, operations, and lean management.   My passion for strategic thinking and hands on transformational leadership bridges dreams, business, and a deep technical knowledge to achieve corporate visions and operational objectives.

Areas of Excellence

Systems Design & Integration Presentations & Seminars TPS & Lean Cultures
Mentoring & Team Development H&S Program Development Design Clarity & Focus
Resource & P&L Management People & Project Management Leveraging Web Based Tools
Business & Technical Solutions SR&ED IT & Office S/W Tools


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The Alternative Board - Vineland-Milton-Cambridge

An international membership organization bringing together owners of privately held businesses to overcome challenges and seize new opportunities through a combination of peer advisory meetings and executive coaching. I help business owners achieve their personal vision through a focus on sound strategic business leadership principles.
 Managing Partner, 2014-present


TASUS Canada Corporation

TASUS Canada Corporation is a Screen Printing Company that specializes in high quality, pressure-sensitive graphics, lenses, IMD, nameplates, emblems, and 3-dimensional art.  Recipients of over 45 International Awards for Excellence, TASUS manufactures for the Automotive Industry in Canada and exports throughout North and Central America.
He held the position of:

General Manager 2010-2014

• Led the Division’s successful financial and operational turn-around, returning the plant to operational profits
• Developed and reengaged a core management team, streamlined operations to focus on Automotive quality and production standards, and reestablished and promoted core competencies in printed and dimensional products in the industry.
• 14.1% increase in plant morale and employee engagement through transformational leadership. A demonstrated focus on employee and technical development, health and safety, and clarity of corporate P&L, monthly results, and strategic planning.
• Reignited a Lean culture using the 14 principles of TPS through the active engagement and mentoring of staff, implementation of continuous effective training at all levels, and leading by example.
• Hands on engineering and design leadership and mentoring of maintenance and operations staff for continuous improvement in all areas of the plant, process, technology, and labour.

Horiba Automotive Test Systems Inc

HORIBA Automotive Test Systems Inc - Oakville, OntarioA leading supplier in the fields of engine test systems, driveline test systems, brake test systems, wind tunnel balances and emissions test systems. Our team is able to provide total solutions to its customers, with full turnkey capability. A wide range of standard products and custom engineering capabilities from simple engine testing to sophisticated dynamic research and development for engines and drivelines.

While employed at Horiba, Brian enjoyed the opportunity to lead a fast faced custom engineering organization in many successful projects and work with many talented and dedicated colleagues.

He held the following positions:

General Manager 2007-2009

Accomplishments and SkillsHORIBA Automotive Test Systems Inc - Oakville, Ontario

  • Led / created employee awareness of corporate activities, projects, and challenges to produce increased employee ownership, accountability, and motivation resulting in an increase of 9.1% in labour efficiency.
  • Led the development and implementation of comprehensive Health & Safety Awareness programs to ensure legislative compliance and to help foster a culture of safety and employee engagement.
  • Created, tracked, and reported annual SR&ED claims resulting in over $ 2.5M of eligible investment tax credits over the last 5 years alone.
  • Strengthened employee engagement and confidence through mentoring of skills using a hands-on approach to the development, refinement, and presentation of sales estimates, scopes of supply, functional requirements, RFQ responses, sales and technical presentations.
  • Developed and raised the corporate visibility for financial operation, sales forecasting, revenue forecasting, project margins and status while responsible for the Canadian operation.
  • Facilitated change management during the final corporate restructuring. Guided many employees through a stressful situation through personal leadership, rapport, trust, and mentoring.


Business Unit Manager - Systems Integration 2005-2006

Accomplishments and SkillsHORIBA Automotive Test Systems Inc - Oakville, Ontario

  • Forged high levels of customer loyalty and trust resulting in directed contracts of over $100M through excellent technical leadership, pre-sales engineering support, an open book style of estimating, and a consistent and honest customer interface
  • Successfully developed and introduced integrated forecasting and tracking tools for project and labour resources in our ISO 9001:2000 business processes
  • Provided the technical lead for new proposals, estimates, sales presentations, and business development


Interautomation Inc

Interautomation Inc, Oakville, OntarioA leading supplier of custom engineered powertrain, engine, generator, and component test systems. A talented team providing total solutions to its customers, with turnkey capability. A wide range of custom engineering capabilities from simple engine testing to sophisticated dynamic research and development for engines, drivelines, and components.

A strong set of people and technical leadership skills were provided in the following roles:

Engineering Manager 1998-2005

Accomplishments and SkillsInterautomation Inc, Oakville, Ontario

  • Managed multi-project requirements, personnel assignments, status reporting, and activities.

  • Spearheaded the technical leadership and guidance to the Hardware, Applications, Software, and Design Services groups for development, testing, tracking, and deployment

  • Increased the group’s management performance through mentoring and individual feedback.

  • Assessed personnel skills, identified gaps, hired and re-assigned resources to meet loading.

  • Established standard engineering and design procedures, methodologies and practices.

Group Project Manager 1995-1998

Accomplishments and SkillsInterautomation Inc, Oakville, Ontario

  • Senior Project Manager on many projects, fulfilling all aspects of planning, administration, forecasting and management.
  • Managed a group of project managers to facilitate resource leveling, and high level planning.
  • Provided technical leadership and acted as a technical resource for custom engineering solutions.
  • A key participant in the development and implementation of ISO methods and procedures related to all aspects of the project life cycle from conceptual design, prototyping, engineering, production, testing, deployment, and commissioning

Project Manager 1989-1995

Accomplishments and SkillsInterautomation Inc, Oakville, Ontario

  • Managed large technical project teams with both software development and hardware components while providing the technical lead for the software and applications developments
  • Mentored and assisted with skills development in the design and diagnosis of real-time systems and architectures for many team members
  • Developed and demonstrated a set of core software and application elements for dynamometer controls and modelling that continue to form the basis for current and future project opportunities


Project Examples

Example Custom Engineered Projects

Brian's role in these projects included:

  • Project Management, Administration, P&L
  • Conceptual, Functional, and Detailed Systems Design
  • A hands-on approach to System Commissioning and Technical Leadership
  • Technical lead for any required Modelling and custom controls
  • Customer Liaison and Team Management

GM Logo.jpg

General Motors – Ypsilanti Transmission Lab, Michigan

  • Managed the upgrade of 11 engine and 10 electric test rooms.
  • Test rooms included transmission durability, efficiency, and performance testing, converter development and testing, and function check rooms.
  • Provided technical lead for many segments of the development and replacement of the data acquisition and control system, acquisition boom, facility PLC functions, and dynamometer interface and controls.

cosworth_logo sml.jpg

Cosworth Racing – Formula 1 Engine Development, UK

  • Managed the development and installation of control systems for 3 Formula 1 engine development test cells.
  • Provided the technical lead for a single cylinder test room and two dynamic test rooms included custom high speed data acquisition and controls for all facility subsystems.
  • Precision data playback combined with high speed streaming data collection, viewing, and analysis were a few of the highlights of this system.

GM Logo.jpg

General Motors – Powertrain RLS rig, Pontiac, Michigan

  • Managed for the development and installation of a 4 wheel independent Road Load Simulator for light duty trucks.
  • Scope included the supply of four Meidensha Dynamometers, Driver’s Aid, simulation system, data acquisition and controls pedestals, and interface to an NVH system in a hemi-anechoic chamber.
  • Ceiling track and suspension provided delivery and coupling to the wheel hub spindle system.
  • An enclosed adjustable base and track dynamometer system enabled a wide variety of realistic NVH testing.

Borg Warner Automotive

Borg Warner Automotive – Dynamometer Test Rooms – Auburn Hills, Michigan

  • Managed the development and installation of two test rooms for clutch and transmission development.
  • Electrically driven, these systems included engine inertia, torque pulse simulation, vehicle inertia, and vehicle load simulation using Anderson Electric dynamometer controls.
  • A high speed optical interface provided precision data collection and controls.
  • Test part control was managed using multiple high speed servo controlled pressure and flow ports.
  • Hydraulic controls were linked to the dynamometer controls to establish flow / pressure / temperature / speed / torque control loops for a wide range of test matrices.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company - Dynamic Cold Box – ATNPC, Michigan

  • Managed the development and installation of a FWD/RWD transmission test stand including a cold soak chamber.
  • This test stand included a low inertia input drive and two output drives.
  • Test capabilities included Cold start crank and drive-away, vehicle road load simulation, and engine throttle power map simulation.
  • Instrumentation for temperatures, pressures, speeds, and torques were combined with controls for all test stand and dynamometer facilities.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company – Component Test Systems – ATNPC, Michigan

  • Managed the development and installation of a number of Component Test Systems in the Livonia Transmission Development Laboratory.
  • Systems included high speed data acquisition and controls for rotating equipment (speeds and torques), temperatures, pressures, and flows using servo hydraulics, and transmission control valves and solenoids.
  • Machines included:
    • SAE#2 Clutch Test Stand
    • Full Pack Clutch Test Stand
    • Spinning Clutch and Rotating Seals Test Stand
    • Universal Hydraulic Test Stands


Dimax Controls

Dimax Controls, Rexdale, Ontario.Dimax has delivered clever control & monitoring solutions for mission critical facilities and processes for over 20 years. Serving a unique market position, they offer a controls alternative that delivers a customized solution with a level of flexibility unequaled in the industry.

Dimax was an opportunity to work again with the successful entrepreneur, Paul Silverthorne.  While working with the Dimax team,  Brian had the opportunity to make significant contributions to the MLC product family.

Additional details can be found on the following page:

Senior Systems Developer 1988-1989

Dimax Controls, Rexdale, Ontario.
Accomplishments and Skills


  • Systems Designer and Software Developer for the MLC-900 product family
  • Led the development of the DBasic distributed control language, parser, and associated applications
  • Developed and enhanced the Source Code Control Integration for development


Nuclear Activation Services

Nuclear Activation Services Inc, Hamilton, OntarioA commercial Analytical Laboratory performing Elemental Analysis of samples using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis for Geological Surveys, Biomedical Analysis, Plastics and other material contaminants using the light water Materials Testing Reactor at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

Brian's initial consulting role with N.A.S. resulted in many redesigned systems for the automation of the sample handling, analytical processes, and data quality.  His promotion to General Manager established high levels of productivity and data quality.  

The following sections highlight these details:

General Manager 1987-1988

Nuclear Activation Services Inc, Hamilton, Ontario

Accomplishments and Skills

  • Managed the office and staff, business operations, and technical operations, while reporting to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis
  • Re-established a culture of safety and hazard awareness reducing the overall incidence and personnel radiation badge levels
  • Developed and promoted work on the PEMD (Program for Export Market Development)
  • Developed and supported research into Auto-Beta Radiography techniques
  • Developed the SR&ED reporting and claim supports for all internal developments, improving our corporate profitability 
  • Developed and prepared quotations and reports
  • Provided technical support for all automation systems, data processing equipment and system interfaces
  • Developed a tracking and management system for sample blanks and sample standards that increased the data quality assurance levels, and significantly reduced the number of re-run samples due to indeterminate backgrounds and references


Consultant - Systems & Integration 1986-1987

Nuclear Activation Services Inc, Hamilton, Ontario

Accomplishments and Skills

  • Redesigned and upgraded the sample automation controls and delivery systems for the Short Lived Isotope Analysis resulting in increased sample throughput and data quality assurance
  • Added several new element detectors, designed and deployed an automated sample positioning system.
  • Integrated a Robotic Table and Handling System with an Automated Sample Placement System and developed the interface and synchronization with the Spectra collection and data analyses for the Long Lived Isotope Analysis. This enabled unattended operation and significantly reduced personnel exposure levels


Photo Gallery - N.A.S.

 The McMaster University Nuclear Reactor is a Light Water Materials Testing Reactor.  For current information on this facility, check the McMaster MNR Site.  The Laboratory used the reactor to irradiate sample material which was later analyzed by measuring the induced radioactivity.  Instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) is an analytical technique dependent on the measurement of the number and energy of gamma and X-rays emitted by the radioactive isotopes.  The neutron-induced radioactivity of each trace element emits a characteristic gamma ray energy spectrum which is analysed like an individual nuclear fingerprint.

Butler Controls


Multitrol Corporation