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Formulaic or Free Form Development?

Design Process 1.jpg As software and applications developers and Managers of the same, I think many of us struggle with the Pros and Cons of the varied development processes available to us.   There are many methodologies available and a simple click over to Wikipedia  will generate a cascade of more pages than you have time to read.

If you have time for a quick straight forward discussion of two points of view, have a read through Matt Ward's discussion "On the Concept of Process" published by DESIGNM.AG.  Matt has written a short discussion that I am sure echoes the experience of many developers and certainly that of myself and many of my colleagues.  

You can see Space in an Open Cloud

space_in_cloud_sml.jpgNASA has teamed up with Rackspace to announce a new project called OpenStack with the goal of allowing any organization to create and offer cloud computing capabilities using Open Source Software running on standard hardware.  Ryan Paul's recent blog on the state of this development is a great place to catch up on where NASA may be heading with this.  With the number of big names involved in the OpenStack project, it's hard to see this not taking off.  Check out this great 5-minute overview of OpenStack, or you can check out the code available on LaunchPad.

Modern Manufacturing Methods - In Plain English

6Sigma logo_sml.jpgI recently attended a Lean 6 Sigma course with a number of friends which I found extremely useful.  As I continued to read and study the alternate strategies I found myself falling ever deeper into the great knowledge web, link by link by link...


Is your head out of the Cloud?

Google-Dave_Girouard.jpgAre you on-board with "the single biggest change to have happened recently in information technology"?  Dave Girouard, president of Google's enterprise unit describes his insights to Google's plans to leverage innovation in the Cloud. Check out his interview here.  If you are not already interested in, or following this technology, you might be surprised to find that many companies are embracing it and innovating with it to success.  There are a couple of big players creating the Cloud platforms that may become the core of our future computing.