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Roller blading for exercise leaves me with about 95 minutes to think of nothing but the asphalt in front of me every couple of days. As I depart on my routine, I turn on the same music tracks every time I go out, which means that I start to anticipate the bumps and turns synchronized to the music. My stride falls into the familiar rhythm with the music and as the summer progresses, what seemed to be a challenge on the first week out, now feels comfortable.

Burlington-Hamilton Beach Trail, Ontario

 Despite the 33.4km at 21km/hr, it’s no longer the same aerobic exercise since my breathing and heart rate seem slower and controlled than when I began this summer.

Like the comfortable strides, the repeated daily patterns of what were new activities on our first day at a new job, soon become routine and comfortable. We no longer have to breath hard or think hard to complete our tasks, and we anticipate the daily work process.

Last week I decided to step things up to get back into that aerobic range. To my surprise I found that despite what I thought was a great effort, I only shaved 4 minutes off my time. The music, my stride, the feel of the path, all seemed to constrain my effort to improve. It seemed like I had taught myself a pace and timing that I could not easily undo.

I see this happen in the work place all too often as well. Employees begin to lose that edge when their daily activities repeat against the drone of the same music, the same meetings, the same activities, the same reports.

As managers we need to create just enough diversity in our employee’s work process to ensure creativity and satisfaction are not lost against the drone of the music.

Innovation needs to be applied to our daily routine as well as those solutions we seek.

My next trip out, I’ll try it in reverse with new music!