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Obstacles are things you see
when you take you eyes off the goal.

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Lean MRP, what would that look like?

lean mrp.gif
Manufacturing planning and the typical software associated with that activity don't seem to connect as well as they could with the Lean concepts.

Lean Workers are Flexible Workers!

If you’re involved in, or associated with a Manufacturing process, you’ve probably read the articles, read the books, or attended the courses in Lean Manufacturing and you’ve probably implemented some of the concepts. Many of these resources only address the processes, their measurements, and techniques to perform continuous improvements to achieve a Lean Manufacturing environment.  Some provide detailed strategic and tactical plans describing how to view the equipment, it’s placement, the work cell, and the many aspect associated with each.

Gen Y Leaders and a small World.

I am continually reminded at how small this world is becoming and yesterday was yet another example. Small World

Sunday I blogged a couple thoughts on my concerns on Gen Y and the potential crisis in organizations that do not know how to lead and inspire Gen Y employees and how differently they view technology.  Tuesday I am on a plane from Indianapolis to Washington and who sits down next to me?  Aaron, a bright, tech savvy, Gen Y marketing guy, and of course I can't help but dig into the conversation.